GRANDE FÊTE - compétition de ballet

Grande fête is a competition designed for young ballet dancers, providing guidance and career support as they prepare to step onto the stage. The competition is held seasonally to align with audition periods for overseas summer intensives, ballet schools, and ballet companies.

The name "Grande fête" is a play on the words "fouetté" (a ballet turn) and "fête" (a celebration), symbolizing a festive gathering of dancers. Our primary goal at Grande fête is to help as many dancers as possible pursue their dreams in the world of ballet. We offer comprehensive support for various ballet career paths, including summer intensives, studying abroad, joining ballet companies, and pursuing teaching careers.

Step into the World of Ballet!
Introducing the "Grande fête" Ballet Competition - The Start of Your Competitive Career

Convenient Location:
To minimize travel and accommodation burdens for participants, the competition will be held at Koko Plaza, a conveniently located hall just a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of Shin-Osaka Station.

Reducing Costs:
At Grande fête, we strive to provide a fulfilling competition experience while minimizing costs for participants. To achieve this, we have opted for a final round format with a limited number of participants. This also allows our judges to focus on nurturing and recognizing the unique talents of each dancer.

Workshops and Evaluations:
This competition does not include a preliminary round. Instead, we utilize the time and resources to offer intensive individual coaching and workshops, providing participants with a more enriching experience.
Through these workshops, individual coaching sessions, and competition evaluations, dancers will be selected for summer intensives, ballet school admissions, ballet company contracts, and various scholarships where appropriate.

Why Choose Grande fête?

Grande fête is the competition that will opens the door to your future.

Guidance for Your Future

As you embark on your journey into the world of ballet, we offer workshops and evaluations to provide you with insightful advice and guidance for your future.

Pathways Abroad

Grande fête supports dancers who aspire to study at international ballet schools or participate in competitions beyond the shores of Japan.

Advice from Experts

Grande fête offers expert and personalized advice on studying abroad, participating in competitions, and auditioning for ballet companies.

~Compétition de ballet~

2024 - 2025

Schedule & Outline

*Grande fête offers expert and personalized advice on studying abroad, participating in competitions, and auditioning for ballet companies.

March 20, 2024 (Wednesday, National Holiday): 
Workshop & Variation Coaching with Evaluation
June 2nd, 2024 (Sunday): 
Workshop & Variation Coaching with Evaluation
July 15th, 2024 (Monday, National Holiday):
Workshop & Variation Coaching without Evaluation*
October 6th, 2024 (Sunday): 
Workshop & Variation Coaching with Evaluation
December 29th, 2024 (Sunday): 
Workshop & Variation Coaching with Evaluation
>March 29th, 2025 (Saturday): 
Workshop & Variation Coaching with Evaluation

* Further details to be announced later

Applications and Acceptance Information

Application Start Date:  
Applications are now open for all competition dates.

Application Deadline:  
Two weeks before each competition date*

*Applications will close once the maximum capacity is reached; applicants are encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience.


うらわ まこと

Makoto Urawa

今村 博明

Hiroaki Imamura

久保 紘一

Koichi Kubo
Sergiy Savoschenko.


Vadym Dulepa

苫野 美亜

Mia Tomano
Nikolay Viyuzhanin

小山 久美

Kumi Oyama

島﨑 徹

Toru Shimazaki

橋本 清香

Kiyoka Hashimoto

陳 鳳景

Chen Feng Jing
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